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Access to all current and future classes After one year: cancel at any time, renews monthly Minimum length one year

35+ masterclasses 8+ new classes added each year

Feedback Get feedback on your demos from Q-dance

Get gigs Chances to showcase your talent at leading festivals

Get releases Opportunities to release your tracks on Q-dance labels

Bonus content Access to class resources like presets, samples and project files

Lifetime access Get lifetime access to the

Joel - DEEZL

Joel - DEEZL

Aviad - Guardelion

Aviad - Guardelion

Henrik - CREST

Henrik - CREST

Sam - Revolve

Sam - Revolve

"Working with Harderclass has been the greatest pleasure, being offered some amazing opportunities and communicating with some amazing people... It's been an amazing experience!"

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"Harderclass has been an absolute game-changer in my hardstyle music journey. It's the go-to platform for learning hardstyle production and has played a pivotal role in helping me reach major stages. The quality of the courses and resources is unparalleled, the community is incredibly supportive, and the strategies provided are practical and geared towards real-world success. If you're serious about your hardstyle career, Harderclass is a must-have resource that will take you to the next level."

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"Harderclass helped me to bring my music productions and DJ career to the next level.  The classes are very easy to understand, and you can find literally help fo every subject: leads, kicks, percussions etc. 

Together with Harderclass I reached my personal goal: to play a major event in the Netherlands, at DECIBEL Outdoor."

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"Harderclass inspired my creative proces and gave me the opportunity to kickstart my career at Defqon.1!"

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Frequently asked questions

Who is Harderclass.com?

At Harderclass.com, we’re all about helping you create music that moves people. We want to help you make tracks that bring us together, lift our spirits, and stay with us through thick and thin. Our mission is clear: help up-and-coming DJ/Producers in the harder styles scene unlock their full potential.

We do this by connecting you with top-notch DJ/Producers, ready to share their tricks of the trade, fire you up, and guide you on your music-making journey.

But we don’t stop there. We’re committed to providing you with honest expert feedback you need to sharpen your skills and perfect your sound. And we’re here to open doors for you, connecting you with record labels and big-name festival promoters to get your music out there and kickstart your career.

Harderclass is more than just an e-learning platform. We’re your stepping stone to the music world, your support crew on this creative ride, and your biggest fans as you make the beats that make the world dance.

What is included in a membership plan?

Once you subscribed for Harderclass, you will have access to all the masterclasses for a full year. In addition you will have access to at least four demo drops per year. During those demo drops, you will receive feedback by Q-dance on your track. In most cases, the best track or the best top tracks will be invited to perform on large stages like Defqon.1 or Decibel or you might have a shot at a release. 

What can I expect from the classes?

We design the classes together with the instructors. The instructors share our mission and it is their goal therefore to think back when they were still starting out at making music and then make the lesson as if they were explaining and helping their past self. Of course every class is based on how the instructors make their music and as all instructors have their own ways of working is therefore  a unique class.

The main structure all classes follow is that they explain how to create tracks, and sounds from scratch. They also show how one or more tracks from the past were created going though all the elements of the track which are usually sound design, mixing, mastering, all the plugins they use, arrangement, melodies, and often some music industry insights like how to create your own unique sound or how to get noticed by other DJ/Producers / record labels / booking agencies.

How does the demo drop work?

Our demo drop is the way we help students get their music released and play at major festivals. During the year Harderclass members can drop their demo getting feedback on how to improve. The best demos get selected for releases and gig spots.

Do you offer a subscription for one month only?

No, when subscribing to Harderclass.com you sign up for at least one year. You can only choose how you like to pay the subscription, either per month of for the full year at once. 

What happens to my yearly membership after one year?

To ensure you can keep watching the existing and newly added classes and join demo drops your subscription will be renewed on a monthly basis.

The monthly paid membership will continue at the same rate, yearly paid memberships will turn into a monthly paid membership after the first year at a 17% reduced rate.

How do I cancel my membership?

If you don’t want to continue, you can cancel your membership renewal by logging in to your portal or by contacting our support team.

Please note that there aren’t refunds for partially unused membership periods.

What is your refund policy?

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Do I have to complete the classes within a certain time?

No you don't, take your time and watch at your own pace. Don't be afraid to repeat watching classes as refreshing your knowledge is key to remembering what you've learned. You can watch the classes for as long as your subscription continues. 

How do I contact Harderclass.com?

We love to help :-)

You can request assistance here.

We will do our best to get back to you within 24 hours during weekdays.